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Son of Zorn Backgrounds

A selection of backgrounds that I designed and painted for Son of Zorn. All of the Zephyrian locations in the show were designed as an homage to action cartoons of the 1980's. Art direction by the talented Barry J Kelly.

Arthur loftis 107 bg ext mountainscape wide color v1 al
Arthur loftis 111 bg ext wedding establishing color v9 al
Arthur loftis tumblr oggpqtey101uxm6o5o2 1280
Arthur loftis 107 bg int castle hall color v6 al
Arthur loftis 107 bg ext vulchazors castle color v4 al
Arthur loftis tumblr oggpqtey101uxm6o5o5 1280
Arthur loftis 106 bg ext beach color v4 al