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Voltron Legendary Defender S7-S8

Here's a small selection of paintings that I did for the final seasons of Voltron: Legendary Defender. It was a huge honor to work with this team. From top to bottom, everyone on this project worked themselves to the bone to make something beautiful. We hope you enjoy it!

Arthur loftis vlt303 bg extspace acxahideout color 08 04 2017 al
Arthur loftis vlt303 bg intacxahideout wide color 08 09 2017 al
Arthur loftis vlt305 bg extspace postapocalypticplanet2 color 08 16 2017 al
Arthur loftis vlt303 bg extacxahideout color 08 08 2017 al
Arthur loftis vlt326 bg extaltea downshot bw 04 17 2018